Certified ThetaHealing® energy healing sessions: 

ThetaHealing® is a method of energy healing that uses energy from the highest and purest source.  It is essentially the energy of LOVE and All That Is.  Anyone who has experienced this type of healing knows that it can be INSTANTLY life-changing.  During a session, we will dig to get to the very root cause of whatever the issue is and healing will be experienced holistically on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  I have experimented with a lot of different health and healing modalities in my quest to heal, help others, and find the very BEST and when I discovered ThetaHealing® I felt, and still do feel that "this is IT." You can read much more about ThetaHealing® here. There is also more information about what ThetaHealing® can do in my FAQ, here.

1 hour session:  $99

Intuitive Life-Coaching sessions:

Are you feeling stuck, lost, scared or confused?  Or perhaps you would just like to talk to someone?  I completely understand all of these feelings!  It is a pretty crazy world we live in out there and it can be overwhelming and confusing at times!  I offer one-on-one sessions where we can just chat privately and discuss your struggles, concerns or really anything you wish.  I can offer my intuitive input and use my empathic and clairvoyant skills to help you come to conclusions, resolve issues and sort through the complexities of human life!  We can also create a plan together to help get things on a better track!

1 hour session:  $70

Vegan Health/Wellness coaching sessions:

Interested in switching to a vegan diet/lifestyle and don't know where to start?  Want to add more raw food into your diet?  Looking for some help figuring out how to eat healthier?  Want to make sure you make changes in a healthy, balanced way that ensures you are getting all of the proper nutrients?  Need help with a specific issue?  I can help you figure out how and where to start, how to make changes and what your options are.  I can assist with specific food choices, meal ideas and can address concerns and questions.  I have healed a lot of my own ailments through diet changes alone and have been studying and successfully living a healthy vegan, high raw lifestyle for years.  As a note, I respect everyone's diet and lifestyle choices but all of my personal recommendations will be vegan.  

1 hour session:  $70


I am not a medical doctor.  None of these services are guaranteed to work and should not be considered substitutes for any other medical treatment.  I do not diagnose or treat any disease.  Please consult your family medical doctor for diagnoses or treatment of disease and before undertaking any health program.  By using my services, you are assuming total responsibility and liability for everything that occurs.  By using this web site you are assuming total responsibility and liability of all your own actions.