"She is fantastic and incredible!  I went to her with sharp pains in my lower right side and she was able to see that the problem was due to kidney stones.  Then she took a seat next to me to confront the problem directly.  I'm not sure how long we sat there, but eventually she asked me how I was, and to my delight the pain was gone!  I could hardly believe it!  It was so fast and amazing!  She is incredible with emotional difficulties, too - I can't recommend her enough, no matter your aliment. Insightful, professional, and a joy to work with!"

Chris, Grand Rapids, MI

"Working with Tanni is a wonderful way to experience ThetaHealing®.  Her gentle yet focused and direct manner of doing ThetaHealing® provides wonderful healing and clearing with ease and grace."

Carrie, Madison, WI

"I have had the pleasure of having Tanni as a student in 6 different ThetaHealing® classes.  I was amazed to see the growth and difference in her from the very first class until this last one.  It was wonderful to watch her heal and expand with each class.  She is very dedicated to her own healing and also helping others.  She is empathic, compassionate, patient, kind, detailed, and positive.  She is strongly connected to her intuition and is an excellent healer.  Her light shines brightly and I know she will help many with her gifts.  I recommend her as a ThetaHealing® Practitoner without hesitation and plan on recommending my own clients to her when I am teaching and unavailable." 

Suzanne Roloff, Master Thetahealing Teacher